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Subject matter will focus on the writings of the prodigious “metaphysics” authors, Amitakh Stanford and Joseph Chiappalone.   Their respective websites are xeeatwelve.com and jchiappalone.com.  The gist of their writings is that the world is (perceived to be) evil, it therefore has to be destroyed as part of a cleansing process, and before this occurs people deemed good will be rescued.

The authors are pictured in happy embrace below apparently during better times – a photo of unattributed source, but which has appeared on numerous sites discussing their work.

Amitakh and Joseph Chiappalone

Amitakh and Joseph Chiappalone

Stanford and Chiappalone have output much written material which has the potential to influence many people, and here we look at it with a more critical eye, as to what real value it may hold.

The site is small as yet, however two additions can be found under the Analysis menu, which you may also directly access from these links:

Key words of a spiritual message

Positive and negative words

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