Trends shows Stanford plummeting

A Google Trends search on the name Amitakh Stanford produced the grim graph below, which shows a very dramatic decrease in her popularity over the last ~5 years (2007-2013), in terms of number of searches on the name (through Google).

Plummeting web search interest for
Plummeting web search interest for “Amitakh Stanford”, according to Google Trends.

The peak search volume of 100 is shown at August 2007. From there it drops at a fairly consistent rate, falling to just 13 in March this year.  This a drop of 87%, but averaging through the data points (least squares regression line) the drop is more accurately 82%.

Despite then all the supposed truths Stanford regularly reveals, over time people just aren’t buying it.  Perhaps making extraordinary if not fantastical claims endlessly without a shred of evidence (one exception being the self-published photograph of claimed yowie poo) isn’t enough to keep people hooked.  The brand “Amitakh Stanford”, psychic extraordinaire, appears to be headed toward doom itself. 

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