An Article of Brainwashing

A new year is upon us again, and apparently to be one of the last if our truthsayers Stanford and Chiappalone are to be believed. In the spirit of giving, should any readers be interested in being brainwashed, and regrettably that may include some, a sheet of affirmations written by Stanford and Chiappalone is available below, thoughtfully emailed by a reader with connections to their compound during the 80’s and 90’s in Far North Queensland, Annwn as it was known.

Affirmations recited by members of Stanford and Chiappalone's 'Annwn' in Far North Queensland, Australia.
Affirmations recited by members of Stanford and Chiappalone’s ‘Annwn’ in Far North Queensland, Australia.

There would be nothing necessarily wrong with trying to impress a certain mindset through a technique such as this, the use of affirmations, phrases which are repeated over and over again. It’s used in sport psychology probably, as well too in military training, in religion generally, and even in media and advertising in a sense – conditioning the mind. But what is the nature of the conditioning these affirmations are intended to bring about and what do they reveal? Bearing in mind these would have been recited by the members of the compound regularly.

One of the concerning elements is the apparently innocent, repeated devotion and commitment required of followers of Stanford and Chiappalone, to the divine being of purity. It is no secret that the duo sees themselves effectively as messiahs, as the expressions of the power to whom commitment is made, and thus to them as people. The

totally committed”, “total confidence”, “belief”, “will”, “surrender totally” and “service”

are in effect towards Stanford and Chiappalone themselves. Followers are reinforcing submission of themselves to their leaders. This kind of phenomenon is apparently not uncommon in cults, the situation of course to which this points.


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