A Monkey’s Tale VIII

The relationship between a mother and her child is a wonder of human nature. A wonder of all nature.  But apparently Stanford and Chiappalone know something about babies that most would never suspect, least of all their mothers:

Stanford and Chiappalone reveal the truth about our children.
Stanford and Chiappalone reveal the truth about our children.

This is a striking claim by the duo, and no doubt their recommendation would be that people not have children. As disturbing as this interference in families would be – the family unit being the fabric of humanity – what of a mother who nonetheless has a child, or of parents who recently had one?

If they believe Stanford and Chiappalone’s claim that their child is a ‘robot’ or ‘demon’, presumably this would diminish their relationship with the child. The parent would act more as caretaker rather than loving parent. The love no doubt would be better spent shared with Stanford and Chiappalone and their end-of-the-world mission.  This would deprive our children of the love they deserve and need, and in doing so attempt to undermine morality and humanity. And on no basis other than they say it is just so. It’s a sad joke. 

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