Reframing the Answers

An email received from a reader in response to the previous post “‘Same Truth’, New Lexicon”:

quot-startAmitakh has always regularly reframed her philosophy. Off the top of my head, she’s moved from the ideas of Derek west, Joseph, Camelot, aliens, lizards, American Indian mythology and now yetis and government elites. The recurring pattern is that she colonises other peoples belief systems and puts herself in the middle of it. Much as you would expect from a megalomanic.

Drawing attention to matters like this, your website is useful in that it holds Amitakh and Joseph to account for what they’ve said and done in years gone by. Someone coming across their writings today might think how amazing and groundbreaking it all is, without realizing that it’s just recycled, reconstituted nonsense that time has proven wrong so many times before.quot-start


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