Is Stanford’s Message Improving?

The graph below shows the change in emotional tone in Stanford’s writings, comparing that from in 2011 and in 2014.   This is based on the emotional valence of over 10,000 words recently made available due to the National Research Council of Canada.  Bars show proportion of words (where 1.0 is 100%).

Unfortunately it appears to be all bad news for Stanford as indicated by the Change bars in light blue, the difference between the previous two bars.  What’s not particularly surprising is the simultaneous decrease in positivity and increase in negativity, but combined that’s approaching a 10% plunge towards even darker tonality.  What’s also striking is the drop in both Anticipation and Joy. With the end time nearing, repeated promise of “I will soon gather all that are mine” not to mention rescue from this awful world to an after-world-in-waiting, or “home”, of apparently absolutely perfect sensational bliss, one might imagine that, if anything, there would be reason to be a little more anticipatory and joyful.  And not to be overlooked is that Stanford also gets you 100% more Fear than Buddhism, and is over 3 times darker in tone (based on positive and negative term proportions).

If I might humbly suggest then, perhaps a tonic of generous visualisation of showered white light and ramped-up repetition of positive affirmations would be just the fix for Stanford and followers similarly affected.  Or perhaps Stanford could put more effort into describing the “home” that awaits us given her rich access to almost everything secret and invisible in this world, rather than this world’s irrelevant shortcomings that she claims will certainly be destroyed any day now.  Or Buddhism looks to be a markedly happier alternative.

Emotional levels in Stanford's writings take a turn for the worse from 2011 to 2014.
Emotional levels in Stanford’s writings take a turn for the worse from 2011 to 2014.

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