You are feeling lighter and lighter

Your money is the Divine Mother's, Amitakh Stanford. Resist in futility, or risk eternal damnation.
Your money is the Divine Mother’s. Resist in futility, or risk eternal damnation.
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Could Noah’s Ark have happened?

It’s possible the ark also carried invisible yowies through the great flood, unless yowies adapted to living underwater, but it’s less likely than if the ark was in fact a very large alien spaceship, kept secret from common knowledge, unprecedented flooding of course the result of intense weather system manipulation by very mad warring alien factions, which interferes with their sensitive navigation systems. The aliens also like fish, therapeutic like crude oil but without the side effects (ufo’s often travel invisibly and fast for this reason), and enlarging the oceans would increase their seafood provisions.  Octopuses, one of their favoured foods, are the result of their genetic experimentation on earthworms.

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