No miracle for sudden Amitakh husband death

With all the powers of one who claims to be the ‘highest representative of the godhead on earth’ – calling on spaceships and aliens, seeing invisible yowies at whim, ability to judge a person instantly as good or evil with infallible accuracy, carrying out the destruction of planet earth along with the rest of the galaxy and beyond, and claiming to be “the Divine Mother” herself – Amitakh could do nothing to spare the death of her own partner and spiritual important, Steffan Stanford, from a plain old heart attack.

Every word Amitakh tells is miracle bound, yet she suffers the enormous loss of her closest important due to the very un-miraculous reality and human limitation of death. As applies to every other mortal and every charlatan that has ever existed.  Whatever miraculous powers charlatans claim to have, the outcome, without exception, is bound not to miracles, but reality.

Not just a miracle maker, but Amitakh claims to take the front seat in a vast plan to destroy every bit of the universe, backed by none other than God himself, and yet suffers the farcical inconvenience of her inner circle literally dying off left, right and centre.  Did they not foresee that plan-stalling for decades risks the evil opposition gaining on them through attrition by death alone?  It’s not a good look for a guru, and it must raise the question, how can they be taken seriously that they’re going to destroy the universe, or to have communication with a power that can and as co-operators, when they haven’t the slightest control over death.

One might wonder then, “what’s going on?!”, a phrase that might be familiar, why is the flock dying off before anything foretold has happened.  Indeed, with Amitakh’s ‘Dust Maker’ website’s production pipeline devoid even of a passing blessing or further reassurance for the flock that’s still alive for a period going on more than 6 months since the death, ‘what’s going on’ might be her new mantra amid the confusion.  Their menagerie of animals, decimated by age but once a central theme, may at least provide the witchdoctor some comfort while metaphorically speaking attempting to rescue her flying white buffalo from a rather doomed looking plummeting free-fall.

It’s heard that some offenders did not offer Amitakh condolences.  It might be suggested then to the rare individual who still believes everything Amitakh says and is so enlightened through which that money can levitate from their pockets, that when Amitakh dies herself, be sure to bulk up on fresh bouquets that she may be venerated like a queen, as required, and to express a sufficient degree of devastation.  Amitakh’s ex-husband/co-guru of 10 years, Chiappalone, is due for another huge prophecy failure in August 2016 this year, having foretold that humanity will be wiped out by then – yes, again – to whom the reader might also consider sending condolences, that the gloom and doom of total loss of any remaining shred of his reputation and well earned crown of crackpotdom, may be eased.

Amitakh’s promise is greatness, fantasy and hope, as the royal-schemed gold bricks on purple stack up on her website, but look at what its actually about here, of the group’s dissolve and expiration, of indirection, unfulfilled claims, ground to a halt.  Miracle talk alone doesn’t cut it.  Devotees hanging on could feel sorrow at the loss of one of their monarchy were their queen, Amitakh, able to give them something instead that’s real, beyond death.


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