Prophecy gems from “Clearing of the Planet”

Clearing of the Planet booklet coverWhen the Centre of Knowledge and Supremacy started in 1985 with Amitakh and Chiappalone getting together on a mission to tell the world that calamity of unimaginable proportion was about to befall it, and destroy the world totally, deemed too evil to continue, and in accordance with religious lore of the day of salvation, public lectures were given to impart this urgent information and to ‘contact the right ones’. Based upon these a booklet was published, ‘Clearing of the Planet’, shown right, in effect a precis of their beliefs and message, a sizeable chunk of which was devoted to specifics of coming disasters, all just around the corner. Prophecy was the centrepiece of their drive, like seed thrown to the pigeons, and come they did.  The problem of suffering in the world figured large as well, the rationale for the destruction.

If you’re going to destroy a planet, you might as well not hold back on ramping up the scale and flourish of events that would see this through, and this they did not. This was to the extent that a phase was included in ‘the plan’ for expected rejection of their claims – something Chiappalone got right. And further, to ask those doubtful of their prophecies to tabulate and tick them off as they occurred. Such was the confidence possessed, if not arrogance, that they had been specially chosen by god to perform a mission, and with that, in the authenticity and correctness of their message. With that in mind, a contracted list from the booklet of Amitakh and Chiappalone’s prophecies follows, from which the reader can make their own conclusions.

…many will have revealed to them that the earth has entered the phase I have termed ‘THE CLEARING OF THE PLANET’.  This involved the death of over 90% of the earths population in the next 15 years.

[Stage 5] is the occurrence of massive disasters.  Stages 4, 5 and 6 will overlap somewhat because Stage 6 is the phase of realisation by people that what was given was correct. The acceptance may be a reluctant one…

Mechanisms of clearing include:
Major disasters – these will affect Central Eurpose and the Mediterranean area, the South China Sea area, plus Japan and North America.
Flooding will also affect Asia, Australia, Antarctica, New Zealand…

The sequence of events is fixed. With regard to timing, there is a minor variability factor…

The South China Sea area will be subjected to fault line shift and the Japanese Islands roll into the sea in the last quarter of 1986.

Massive flooding will occur along the Eastern Asian Coastline – Korea, China and South East Asia will be affected. The wash will affect the philippines, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

At approximately the same time, an equivalent movement in the Swiss and Italian Alps will cause massive earthquakes in Southern Italy. Eventually massive land chunks break off the peninsula and fall into the sea…

Central Europe will experience sporadic land collapsees, earthquakes and massive destruction…

Eventually all these factors will reduce the population of Europe to less than 5% of the present number.

In Northern America minor earthquakes will herald the major shift in the San Andreas fault line in early 1992 – this is the year in which the New Sun will appear in our Solar System.

As the West Coast of the North American Contient break off and falls into the Pacific Ocean, the new border rises. The Eastern border falls and flooding will occur from Boston to Miami….

This flooding will mean loss of the area known as the corn belt of the U.S.A.; world famine will result.

World economics will be reduced to subsistence farming.

in 1986… New Zealand eventually will be reduced to small islands.

Australia will be divided into four by the slow flooding.

As stated in Book No.1 ‘Revelation of the Truth’ Australia is the Centre for co-ordinating redevelopment and plays important roles in migration.

Intercontinental communications will be reduced severely.

Air and sea travel will be greatly reduced… Fossil fuels will be unavailable.

The Antarctic Continent will thaw out as the Earth changes its axis in 1998.


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