Below are some articles that counter the grim outlook of Stanford and Chiappalone, that might assist in recognising a world in which problems are being solved and incredible leaps forward are being made, towards a better future, beyond the fixed mindset of impending doom:

Scientists find ‘root’ of cancer (May 2014)

Scientists have found the first “conclusive evidence” of the existence of cancer stem cells in humans, in a discovery which could put an end to years of scientific controversy and pave the way for more effective cancer treatments which could attack the disease “at the root”.

Paralyzed mice regained the ability to walk after stem cells therapy (May 2014)

Stem cells therapy gave paralyzed mice the ability to walk and run again. These astonishing results might be the premise for developing new therapies to stop the progression of multiple sclerosis (MS) in humans.

3D-printer hearts ‘in 10 years’ (May 2014)

A human heart made with a 3D printer will be implanted in a patient within a decade, claim scientists who have made a “bio-assembly robot” to build the organ.

Genetic breakthrough brings scientists closer to cure for multiple sclerosis (September 2013)

Scientists are hailing the discovery of 48 genetic variants which influence the risk of a person getting multiple sclerosis as a breakthrough that brings them a step closer to finding a cure.

Scientists take big step towards universal flu vaccine (September 2013)

Scientists say they have made a significant leap towards creating a vaccine that would protect against every form of flu.

Scientists on brink of HIV cure (April 2013)

Researchers believe that there will be a breakthrough in finding a cure for HIV “within months”.

Australian reef recovered from bleaching (April 2013)

Australia’s isolated Scott Reef lost almost all its corals to bleaching when ocean temperatures rose and scientists thought it would take decades to recover. But it’s made a quick recovery, suggesting new corals can be recruited from local sources when fish are plentiful and reefs are not disturbed.

Japanese company plans to have space elevator “up” and running by 2050 (April 2013)

A Japanese company is looking to take elevators to new heights. The Daily Yomiuri reports that Tokyo-based construction company Obayashi Corp. hopes to have a space elevator operational by 2050, carrying passengers and cargo in a vehicle that travels along a ribbon made of carbon nanotubes extending a quarter of the way to the moon.

Anti-ageing superdrug soon to be reality: Scientist (March 2013)

An Australian scientist believes he has invented a new class of superdrug that could prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. What’s more, Professor David Sinclair said that his drugs have the potential to help some people enjoy a healthy life until the age of 150. However, this needs further research.

Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years (January 2013)

As we begin a new year, BBC Future has compiled 40 intriguing predictions made by scientists, politicians, journalists, bloggers and other assorted pundits in recent years about the shape of the world from 2013 to 2150.

New Research Casts Doubt on Doomsday Water Shortage Predictions (October 2011)

By measuring the isotopes in river water, scientists have determined that mountain glaciers contribute less than thought to downstream water supplies.

Drugs may let us live to 150 (October 2011)

THE first drugs that can slow the ageing process are likely to become available within five to 10 years, raising the prospect of people eventually living to 150 or more, researchers say.

Vaccine could reduce HIV to ‘minor infection’ (September 2011)

HIV could be reduced to a “minor chronic infection” akin to herpes, scientists developing a new vaccine have claimed.

Flowergirl touches hearts (August 2011)

A HOST of yellow daffodils have brightened Ipswich Hospital’s cancer ward – thanks to a giant-hearted school student.

Billionaire to build new countries at sea (August 2011)

A BILLIONAIRE is planning to create his own countries by building them on giant floating platforms in international waters. PayPal founder Peter Thiel is funding a project that intends to create new societies governed in a radically different manner from conventional states.

Sunscreen pill could be available within five years, scientists say (August 2011)

“Researchers uncover way coral shields itself against harmful ultraviolet rays and believe it could pave way for anti-sun compound to protect humans.  … A secret from the sea could lead to a pill that prevents sunburn within five years, say scientists.”

Scientists take a step towards finding MS cure (August 2011)

“an international team of scientists has made a major step forward in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis”

Researchers make virus spread breakthrough (August 2011)

“Researchers make virus spread breakthrough – Newcastle scientists have had a massive breakthrough with the development of a technique that they say can stop viruses and bacteria multiplying in the body…. We can block for example the entry of hepatitis C into a cell, we can block the entry of HIV into a cell.”


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