MH370: An Alien Job

Stanford’s remarkable claim:

Since humans are not yet capable of traceless vaporisation of a big object, such as a commercial airliner, if the plane evaporated without a trace, it must have been done by alien technology. …[aliens] can re-construct the plane to its prior state and crash it later.

Remarkable is that Stanford would immediately jump to the conclusion that the plane’s disappearance “must” have been an “alien job”, when any expert on the matter, who, unlike Stanford as godly as she may claim and try to be, knows something about aviation, would suggest a myriad of possible alternative explanations as being infinitely more likely e.g. switch off communications. Is every aviation expert a fool, or is Stanford?

The claim might have at least been based on a reliably recorded precedent of an aircraft’s disappearance having been attributed to the hand of aliens, but there is no reliable precedent. Any aviation expert – and let’s be frank, this does involve planes, so their expertise is relevant – would confidently and honestly put the probability of an “alien job” at 0.

Even without a precedent, a huge investigation into what happened to the plane would be certain, especially given possible terrorist involvement. That investigation would eventually find out what actually occurred. Who then, who in their right mind, would jump to put the view publicly that it was an “alien job” knowing they’d likely end up being rubbished? Maybe there are so few people reading Stanford’s site that it wouldn’t matter to her. But more to the point, Stanford and Chiappalone have never let truth get in their way, being role models in misleading people ad nauseam without bruising their conscience or egos.

Still, the technology Stanford describes of alien technology zapping planes off their flight path and back again continuing on to fiery destruction, is sensational and quite remarkable. It’s astounding in fact, and given claim upon claim of this sort made by Stanford, and without as yet evidence of even just the existence of a life form from another planet let alone an advanced one, one assumes it’s either due to mental illness and/or a desire to keep her followers on the drip, believing that she and she alone possesses what they regard to be her great knowledge.

But were just one of the remarkable claims made by Stanford, just one, only one dear reader, validated, could be found to be true, and Stanford’s authenticity therefore established, as knowing anything beyond that of the mad ravings of a Malaysian witch-doctor, Stanford and her website would be bigger than Oprah. Governments spent 9 billion for the Large Hadron Collider just to find out whether a single elementary particle exists. 8 billion will be spent on the James Web Space Telescope launching in 2018. These enormous amounts of money to answer only basic questions about the nature of the universe suggest that if any of Stanford’s claims could be believed, she wouldn’t be hiding away from imagined government spies trying to do her in, the world would be knocking at her door. The reality is that Stanford’s website popularity is in such a trajectory of catastrophic free fall as probably not to be too dissimilar to that of the last minutes of the ill-fated flight MH370.


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