Maker of Cosmos series speaking about God

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Could Noah’s Ark have happened?

It’s possible the ark also carried invisible yowies through the great flood, unless yowies adapted to living underwater, but it’s less likely than if the ark was in fact a very large alien spaceship, kept secret from common knowledge, unprecedented flooding of course the result of intense weather system manipulation by very mad warring alien factions, which interferes with their sensitive navigation systems. The aliens also like fish, therapeutic like crude oil but without the side effects (ufo’s often travel invisibly and fast for this reason), and enlarging the oceans would increase their seafood provisions.  Octopuses, one of their favoured foods, are the result of their genetic experimentation on earthworms.

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Making News

While the countdown to the end of the world continues, and with nothing much big really happening, and prophecy being too hard to predict accurately anyway were it happening, the turn of Stanford, truth sayer, is towards making considerably more commentary on current affairs.  Compared to the big ticket/high risk stuff in some of their original output as doomsday leaders instrumental in bringing about imminent destruction of the universe, this is doomsday ‘days of our lives’.  But check out the latest…

Doom Today, a morning news show presented by Amitakh Stanford in which every news item is an exclusive.
Doom Today, a morning news show presented by Amitakh Stanford in which every news item is an exclusive.
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When Time is not an Illusion

The warnings of imminent world destruction by Chiappalone and Stanford, a long long time ago, so long ago, we can forget about the actual year the countdown officially commenced, the enormous total of passing uneventful years amounting only to a larger mural below in testament to their legacy as prophets that failed on a scale as large as their prophecies of destruction.
Joseph Chiappalone prophecy failure

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Is Stanford’s Message Improving?

The graph below shows the change in emotional tone in Stanford’s writings, comparing that from in 2011 and in 2014.   This is based on the emotional valence of over 10,000 words recently made available due to the National Research Council of Canada.  Bars show proportion of words (where 1.0 is 100%).

Unfortunately it appears to be all bad news for Stanford as indicated by the Change bars in light blue, the difference between the previous two bars.  What’s not particularly surprising is the simultaneous decrease in positivity and increase in negativity, but combined that’s approaching a 10% plunge towards even darker tonality.  What’s also striking is the drop in both Anticipation and Joy. With the end time nearing, repeated promise of “I will soon gather all that are mine” not to mention rescue from this awful world to an after-world-in-waiting, or “home”, of apparently absolutely perfect sensational bliss, one might imagine that, if anything, there would be reason to be a little more anticipatory and joyful.  And not to be overlooked is that Stanford also gets you 100% more Fear than Buddhism, and is over 3 times darker in tone (based on positive and negative term proportions).

If I might humbly suggest then, perhaps a tonic of generous visualisation of showered white light and ramped-up repetition of positive affirmations would be just the fix for Stanford and followers similarly affected.  Or perhaps Stanford could put more effort into describing the “home” that awaits us given her rich access to almost everything secret and invisible in this world, rather than this world’s irrelevant shortcomings that she claims will certainly be destroyed any day now.  Or Buddhism looks to be a markedly happier alternative.

Emotional levels in Stanford's writings take a turn for the worse from 2011 to 2014.
Emotional levels in Stanford’s writings take a turn for the worse from 2011 to 2014.
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Reframing the Answers

quot-startAmitakh has always regularly reframed her philosophy. Off the top of my head, she’s moved from the ideas of Derek west, Joseph, Camelot, aliens, lizards, American Indian mythology and now yetis and government elites. The recurring pattern is that she colonises other peoples belief systems and puts herself in the middle of it. Much as you would expect from a megalomanic.

Drawing attention to matters like this, your website is useful in that it holds Amitakh and Joseph to account for what they’ve said and done in years gone by. Someone coming across their writings today might think how amazing and groundbreaking it all is, without realizing that it’s just recycled, reconstituted nonsense that time has proven wrong so many times before.quot-start

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‘Same Truth’, New Lexicon

The most frequently occurring words from Stanford’s websites are shown in the word clouds below.  The first is based on more recent stuff of Stanford’s, all words on  The second on older stuff, all words on  The new Stanford brings themes of people, governments, blank faces, and America to the fore, putting to pasture the more metaphysical light and darkness, energy, time, beings, and Jesus.  You might say a turn in a more worldly direction.

The writings of Amitakh Stanford at 2011 as a word cloud, from
The writings of Amitakh Stanford at 2011 as a word cloud, from
The writings of Amitakh Stanford at 2014 as a word cloud, from
The writings of Amitakh Stanford at 2014 as a word cloud, from
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