Reflections on Heartstrings #2

Stanford’s essay: Heartstrings #2.

In the association Stanford had with Chiappalone for over a decade, the message that was given strongly, and still is by Chiappalone, is that the universe is scheduled for demolition, due to evil having permeated almost everything in it, including most people. It was just a matter of time before it would occur, with all chances of redemption having been exhausted.

What is surprising about this Stanford essay then, is that there is apparently now another chance for the universe to be redeemed, and even more surprisingly, that it can be had by all on earth holding hands in goodness and love.  This would repel the dark aliens that would otherwise have our world for lunch.  Stanford is proposing a rescue plan based on human goodness previously mistaken for evil.

The idea brings to mind the theme in numerous movies in which mankind unites against alien invaders but with a new age twist in that instead of using conventional weapons to defeat the enemy and some heroism, we need only rely on the power of human goodness innate within us.  The defence would not be a matter so much of people having to become nicer, although that would be part of it, but of removing governments and other high level organisations seen to be instruments for bad.

No doubt nearly everyone has imagined the world as a better place, with nicer governments and behaviour towards each other, without wars and associated suffering.  But is it realistic to just dismantle the structures of government and power worldwide that have developed, and expect the world to live peaceably, hand in hand, South Korean hand in North Korean hand, Israel and Palestine, Stanford and Chiappalone, etc?   Probably not.  It is not a realistic proposition.  And certainly not without people believing the message that they’re under threat from aliens.  Will the world read Stanford’s essay, believe what she writes, and abruptly change how the world runs and carry out her plan to save it?  You’d have more chance of shaking hands with an alien at a sceptics conference.  So why does Stanford even mention it?

It could also be questioned whether a world that suddenly became an ideal one in which good prevailed in all matters would be an effective defence against hostile aliens.   How the human race conducted itself however, could conceivably affect what an alien race might decide to do with us.

It is claimed there will be significant increase in alien activity in the skies in September and November.  This might be verified by checking Google trends for an increase in searches on UFO over that period.  Currently the trend is decreasing.  If there is no change to the trend over that period then there is nothing to indicate that it happened, and there would have to be doubt that it did happen.

The warnings given about alien activity increasing, “be alert”, “be wary of… rouge crafts” are amusing.   Wouldn’t people be exceptionally lucky (not to mention thrilled) to see something that even just resembles an alien or UFO from a very long distance, let alone be put at some danger by them?  Stating “this is for real” means nothing.   It is just rhetoric.   It reveals perhaps, in a religious leader having to persuade readers it’s not a joke, that Stanford lacks confidence either in herself and/or that readers believe in her.  “it was never a game” is similar rhetoric, with a hint of the melodramatic.

The alien encounter Stanford describes is justified by dry pot plants and long grass?   That would be like providing rustling in the bushes on a windy day as evidence of a sighting of bigfoot.  It is not surprising that the evidence is weak, but that Stanford believes it not to be.

For Stanford to say “things are now very serious” when she has been backing prophecy that the earth has been facing imminent cataclysm or destruction since her partnership with Chiappalone in the 1980’s, seems like an attempt to keep a story going for anyone waiting for something to happen.  It was serious before but nothing happened.  Now it’s code “very serious”.  How much longer will people be prepared to wait?  And how serious is a fight between alien craft no one can see, or ever has seen, anyway?

“Just waiting for one more…” word?

Maybe a better plan for world peace would be for Stanford to get the aliens to share with us their technology for generating power.


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