Claim of significant increase in alien activity: Sept-Nov 2011

In Stanford’s article Heartstrings #2, it was claimed that alien activity in the skies would increase significantly in months from September to November. And further: “It will be an unsettling time. Be especially wary of some trouble-making rogue crafts. This is not science fiction. This is for real…. It is the start of the full-blown battles amongst alien groups.”

Sounds big.

September and October have passed, and nearly half of November, so now is an opportune time to check on whether the predicted increase in alien activity actually happened.

It seems reasonable to expect that with the significant increase in alien activity in the skies, there would be more sightings and encounters of aliens or alien craft (UFO’s), and this would be reflected on the internet in searches and news articles.

In the graphs below, from Google Trends, the top plot shows frequency of a term used in Google search, and below, in news articles.

For the term UFO, we get:

For the term alien, we get:

In neither is there a noticeable spike in the last couple of months that would be expected with increased alien activity in the skies. Based on this, with nothing to support Stanford’s claim, how do we know her claim is true? The graphs shown would suggest it not to be.


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